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At Ennis Marble & Granite, we stock a vast range of granite products, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and much more. We work with domestic and commercial clients all over Ireland.
Granite is formed by slow cooling lava deep beneath the earth's surface which produces a tough, course grained, crystalline rock, composed mainly of feldspar and quartz. Granite is one of the hardest materials known to man; its natural beauty of stone adds elegance and style to any room and is also an excellent investment in your property.

You should expect to find natural characteristics such as veining (streaks of lighter crystals), Variation of crystals, variation of crystal size, colour and tone between slabs or within single slabs. Large carbon deposits may appear to be watermarks. Mineral seams or gas fissures can be mistaken for cracks in the surface of the slab.

Natural features such as these add to the beauty and uniqueness of every stone. It is the combination of unique natural variations and functional durability that makes granite an ideal material for your furniture.

Granite will enhance the beauty and feel of any kitchen. More importantly they add to the functionality of your kitchen. Granite worktops provide you with tough surfaces. Granite worktops are durable and simple to keep clean and last a lifetime. They will sustain a lifetime of hard treatment and will with reasonable care retain their high polish indefinitely.

Granite Samples

(Not a true reflection of colour - please call for assistance)